2019-08-10 Porto Vecchio, Corsica, France to Cala Portese, Isola di Caprera, La Maddalena Islands, Sardinia, Italy

We collect a few fresh provisions from the Porto Vecchio port before our departure
We make our departure as new visitors arrive in the port
Once around Punta Di a Chiappa we retrace our steps and head south
A few nautical miles south we anchor off Beach Rondinara
We all enjoy a refreshing swim at the lovely beach
Returning to the boat to continue our journey back to the La Maddalena Islands
Lunch is served while travelling
Leaving the south eastern Corsican coast
Two and a half hours later we arrive at one of our favourite bays on the north east coast of Isola di Caprera, one of the La Maddalena Islands
While cruising the La Maddalena Islands in 2016 we spent many occasions anchored in the stunningly beautiful Cala Coticcio
The two tiny beaches which are surrounded by amazing cliffs and rock formations are overtaken by a multitude of visitors today!!
There are two methods of accessing Cala Coticcio ….. one by boat or by walking in from a road which takes almost an hour and has many steps!!
Far too crowded today for our liking!! Fortunately in the past we have enjoyed our time here with a handful of boats in the bay and a couple of people on the tiny beaches
The other larger adjacent bay was also busy today
We decide to continue further south down the east coast of Isola di Caprera
Arriving at Cala Portese, another nice bay where we spent a few days before our family arrived
Fortunately a boat was leaving as we arrived so were able to get a good spot close to the beach
Many of the small day tripper boats leave by 6 pm and return to their marinas
Time for us to have another swim!!
It was nice to anchor near some of the locals we met on our last visit
Ric is the pizza chef tonight!!
Very happy and relaxed to have our family aboard with us!!
Sunset in Cala Portese

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