2019-10-10 Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa, Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia, Africa

A view of the secure gated entrance to our hotel
Overlooking the city of Yasmine Hammamet
The breakfast area
The freshly made vegetarian omelets were excellent
Very pleasant surroundings at breakfast time
We head back to our room after breakfast enjoying the wonderful surroundings
We spend more time today relaxing around the hotel swimming pool
Mostly empty lounges around the pool as there are very few people staying in the hotel at the moment
Although the water was quite cold we kept up our routine of swimming for around 30 minutes each day
Interesting sculptures are scattered around the lawns of the hotel
One can relax on lounges under umbrellas on the beach in front of the hotel
For the past few days there has been quite a lot of big waves breaking along the coast
A neighboring hotel, obviously with few guests
Late afternoon we decide to take a taxi into the main part of the town
Of course we have to check out the marina
We had heard from fellow sailors that Tunisia is a popular place to come to for cheap fuel
The mooring prices are very reasonable here too!
There are quite a number of seafood restaurants in the Port of Yasmin
Italian Gelaterias are also popular in Tunisia
The waves keep crashing into the shore!! It did not look safe for swimmers and no surfers to be see at all!!
To get a little more exercise we decide to walk back to the hotel
Part of the way back to the hotel we walk along the main thoroughfare
We pass numerous large hotel complexes in the main part of the town
Removing our shoes we walk the rest of the way to our hotel along the beach
We pass numerous large hotel complexes on our way back to our hotel
It is a lovely time of the day to walk along the beach
Looking back to the Port of Yasmine
We arrive back to our lovely hotel
In the evening we decide to dine in the hotel restaurant again. We ordered a carpaccio of beef to start with and then for main course we both enjoyed the fillet steak steak with a peppercorn sauce

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