2022-05-06 Central Plaza Hotel, Zurich, Switzerland, Europe

We will no doubt be needing the umbrellas today
Once the rain lessened, we left the hotel and headed for the Zurich Train Station, where they have a Tourist Information Centre
On the lower ground there were several lovely shops
This one was a favourite of ours
With the weather still quite wet, we chose to join several other tourists take the tourist bus on a tour around the city
We wisely chose to see the city by bus on a day such as this one!
Several times during the trip, the bus stopped, and we were able to disembark and take a few photos
Again we see the statue of the ill-fated Hans Waldmann
Winston Churchill apparently gave a speech from this balcony in Zurich
On a sunny day, it would be a lovely experience to sit in this old courtyard
The Limmat River which flows through Zürich
Looking towards the old part of Zurich
One of the magnificent buildings at the Zurich University
A fantastic view over the Zurich rooftops
Trams are still an accessible mode of transport in Zurich
A famous theatre in Zurich
After departing the bus near the main ferry wharf we wait for a tour on the lake which was included in our tour schedule
Love birds

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