2019-10-18/19 Peninsular Hotel, Manila, Philippines

On our way to pick up Nicholas and Nichelle we spot two young unattended children collecting coconuts from the side of a busy road!!
From the 24th Floor there is a nice view over the swimming pools, courts and buildings of Tivoli Gardens where Nicholas and his Mother lives
Today we are taking Nicholas to visit his favourite place, the Manila Ocean Park
The first thing we do is queue up to go to see the performing birds, including birds of prey which is due to start soon
The plastic rain protectors have come in handy today!!
It is not long before all the seats were full in the stand
Colourful cheeky parrots start the show with placing balls in the small baskets
Next the clever parrot places all the different shapes into their correct places
Nicholas was certainly enjoying the birds doing their tricks!!
A massive eagle flies and lands on the arm of one of the willing spectators!!
More parrot tricks
Next we visit the Oceanarium
No shortage of fish to be seen here
The colours of the different corals were beautiful
Thank goodness Nicholas is not tall enough yet to enter the tank with the sharks and fish!!
Safer on the outside!!
Penguin feeding time!!!
After visiting the penguins we go to the fish pools to have our feet nibbled by tiny fish!!!
Ric was definitely in need of a pedicure, considering how many tiny fish were attached to his feet
The fish pools were very popular with families and their small children
The next event to see were the performing seals! The sun was very hot, as was the humidity, however we managed to find a spot in the shade although being a distance from the stage!!
On our way out we spot some families having fun in some tiny cars!!
The Jeepneys are the most popular and cheapest form of transport for the locals around the busy city of Manila
After our visit to Ocean Park, once again our taxi driver battled with the traffic to get Nichelle and Nicholas home and us back to the hotel
Later in the evening we took Nichelle and Nicholas out to dinner in the Greenbelt area

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