2022-05-09 Apartment Butterfly, Split, Croatia

Again today we check on the Tangaroa at MCI. Unfortunately, the gates were locked as it was a Sunday
Tangaroa is surrounded by many boats in the yard at MCI
We take this opportunity today to go into the old town of Split
The old town is as wonderful as it always has been
A paradise for Brides to be!!!
Usually, there would be a crowd of people in this area
A fun night ahead for the bride and her entourage!!
Offshore are a few spectacular vessels looking for a berth
Beautiful weather in Split at the moment
The most iconic building of Split
We return to Portofino, one of our favourite restaurants in Split
Ric, who is driving, orders a nice glass of Croatian wine

Our favourite dish at Portofino is the Spaghetti with Lobster and Truffles

A Table is always reserved for the restaurant cat which was peacefully resting beside us
After dinner, it was delightful strolling around the old city
Ric could not help himself sampling the local icecream
It was time to leave the old town and return to Apartment Butterfly

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