2019-10-11 Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa, Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia, Africa

Breakfast is served in the most beautiful setting
Good morning to our new friends Frederic and Monique from Switzerland, whom we dined with the previous evening
Another wonderful warm day with clear blue skies, perfect for relaxing at the hotel and spending time around the pool
After some research during the day we rang Restaurant Le Barberousse to reserve a table for us for dinner in the evening
Located in Eastern Mammamet, Le Barberousse Restaurant boasts commanding views over the sea
The entrance to the restaurant is off a small alleyway near an ancient fort by the water
Arriving early for our booking we decide to have a pre dinner cocktail in the wine bar on the 1st floor
We were told that later in the evening the wine bar becomes very busy with customers having drinks and enjoying the live music
We order our favourite cocktails ….. a Mojito and a Margarita
From the entrance to the rooftop restaurant the Kasbah Fort can be seen clearly
Le Barberousse Restaurant at night has a wonderful warm feel
Ric orders a Tunisian red wine called Lansarine Rouge
A plate of appetizers promptly arrive at the table
A display of freshly caught fish is presented to us
For an entre we order a dish of delicious mussels cooked in wine
Seabass is our favourite fish which we usually order when we dine out in the Mediterranean
A nearby table orders fish baked in salt, which is very popular in Europe
The waiter meticulously debones the fish
For dessert we share a delicious crepe
Once we finish our dinner we check out the Wine Bar
The musicians had started playing and there were no spare tables
As we left, the owners? Doormen? Thanked us for visiting the restaurant and bar

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