2022-05-05 KL, Malaysia to Doha, Qatar to Zurich, Switzerland, Europe

As we had several hours wait at KL Airport, we decided to book a room for a few hours in the Sama Sama Hotel. This convenient hotel is located in the checked-in area of the airport. This allowed us to have a power nap before the next flight!
We had a very comfortable 7-hour flight from KL through to Doha
On arrival at the airport we head for the Al Mourjan Lounge which is used by Qatar passengers
The Doha Airport is one of the most modern airports we have visited over our many years of travelling
We found ourselves in a comfortable corner in one of the large lounges
With a great view of the airport, we could see many aircraft arriving and departing
Downtown Doha can clearly be seen in the distance from the airport
Great shopping experiences can be had at the busy airport
Hamad International Airport in Doha houses the gigantic 20-ton, 23-ft teddy bear with its head stuck inside an equally gargantuan lamp. The teddy is the largest of the only three in the world created by Swiss artist Urs Fischer ….. Wow! Thank you, Google
We board our next Qatar flight from Doha to Zurich in Switzerland, where we have booked a hotel for a couple of nights. The flight will take approximately 6.5 hours
During the early part of our flight, a delightful meal was served. As we had very little to eat in the past 24 hours, we decided to sit back and enjoy the food served
Although Ric chose a delicious meat dish, I was pleased with the lighter meal of fish with prawns and black rice…
After arriving at around 1.30pm in Zurich, we conveniently caught a taxi from the airport to the Central Plaza Hotel, which is ideally located in the centre of the town
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In the reception area on the ground floor of our hotel is a spectacular water feature
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Great lounge area
Room 107 is well located in the 1st floor of the hotel
Our charming and convenient accommodation for 2 nights
Nice bath
This is the view from our convenient room on the 1st floor of the hotel
We set off on foot from the hotel to get some exercise after flying so many, virtually non-stop from Australia
In the old part of the town, the Mühlsteg Bridge, a narrow pedestrian bridge across the Limmat River, is covered with thousands and thousands of multi-coloured love locks. It certainly is a sight to be seen!!
We see our hotel, the Central Plaza Hotel, looking across the Limmat River, which flows through the southern part of Zurich
The Münster Bridge with Hotel Krone, a popular hotel nearby
The old town has some beautiful architecture with the buildings all painted in delightful pastel colours
The St. Peter’s Church is in the foreground, with the Fraumünster Church situated nearby.
The Grossmünster Church stands high over the riverside.
Overlooking the water is an excellent place to be having drinks
The beautiful Fraumünster Church
The statue is of Hans Waldmann, who was an ambitious military leader in the late 1400s. He later became mayor and was an influential figure of his time until he was unexpectedly executed
Two magnificent churches on the the banks of the Limmat River
The St. Peter Church is the oldest parish church in Zurich and has the largest clock face in all of Europe
We return to our hotel after an enjoyable stroll around the old town of Zurich
Early evening we decide to have a drink or two in the delightful bar on the ground floor of our hotel
A very talented pianist and singer entertained us all evening with his repertoire of popular songs and melodies
Feeling very relaxed……
As we had a substantial meal much earlier in the day aboard our flight from Doha, we ordered a light snack to share
All seats at the bar are reserved for a group participating in a cocktail mixing session
Hopefully, after mixing and tasting numerous cocktails, the all-male group will walk or take taxis home !!!

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