2022-05-07 Central Plaza Hotel, Zurich, Switzerland to Apartment Butterfly, Split, Croatia, Europe

Breakfast at the Central Plaza Hotel is served in the stylish ground-floor restaurant.
A little early this morning for the bar to be open
We come for an early breakfast as we fly to Croatia this morning. We enjoy a delightful breakfast of scrambled eggs to give us energy for the trip
Arriving early at the airport in Zurich gave us time to relax before the final leg of our trip to Croatia, to return to the Tangaroa
Looks like our namesake airline
Goodbye to Zurich
The scenery from the plane as we approach beautiful Croatia
The airport has changed a lot since we were last in Split
After baggage collection we head towards the Rent a Car area of the airport
Once we filled out the appropriate forms and paid a deposit, we were underway
The International Airport of Split is located in Kastel Stafilic which is approximately 20km from the city centre
The large mountain range behind Split is Mount Mosor, which belongs to the Dinaric Alps which stretches for many kms along the coast
Once in Split, we make our way to the accommodation we had booked near the MCI Marine Club International, where we left the Tangaroa in October 2019
We arrived at our Air B&B, called Apartment Butterfly, which is located in a charming local street

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