2019-08-09 Bonifacio Port to Porto Vecchio, via Il Piana and Baie de Palombaggia, Corsica, France

Our magnificent view from the marina in Bonifacio of the medieval 13th century clifftop citadel
Departing the marina mid morning
We slowly make our way towards the entrance of the port
Once out of the port we head east, again passing the spectacular sight of the ancient citadel and the houses precariously clinging to the clifftops
Sarah enjoying the sun and the scenery
It is not long before we motor around Capo Pertusato, the southern tip of Corsica and pass the prominent lighthouse of the same name
Between the tiny islet, Il Piana and the southeast coast of Corsica are beautiful shallow crystal clear turquoise waters which is a very popular daytime anchorage for vessels of all sizes
An extremely shallow sandbar juts out from the shore which attracts many small craft and swimmers
Our family head towards Plage du petite Sperone one of the busy beaches nearby
It was wonderful swimming in the beautiful warm clear waters of the bay
There we some elegant looking big boats on anchor off Il Piana
After our swim and lunch we continue north up the coast towards Porto Vecchio
Just southeast of Porto Vecchio we decide to drop anchor off Plage de Palombaggia
With the temperature in the high 30’s we were all keen to have a few more swims before visiting Porto Vecchio
Once underway again we approach the lighthouse, Phare de la Chiappa and the observation deck, Semaphore de la Chiappa which are on the point before entering the large harbour of Porto Vecchio
There are several high peaks around Porto Vecchio
Unfortunately a berth was not available at the marina at Porto Vecchio
We join a number of yachts and anchor in the bay
At 6pm via our dinghy we head ashore for an early dinner
July and August are the busiest and most expensive times to be in a marina in the Mediterranean. Anchoring out is always more affordable and more private solution!!!
After catching the local bus we head uphill to the old town
In the centre of the old town is the lovely old church, Eglise de Saint Jean Baptiste
Many outdoor restaurants and bars line the narrow streets of the lovely old Corsican town
Our 4 year old granddaughter spots a merry-go-round in one of the main squares in the old town
Remembering the wonderful mussels we enjoyed on our last visit to Porto Vecchio in 2016, we decide to return to the same restaurant …. U Caseddu
We certainly weren’t disappointed with the delicious mussels we all enjoyed as a starter!!
Sarah chose lobster with spaghetti which is a popular dish of the Mediterranean
Ric and I shared some lovely grilled fish with vegetables
Anthony dared to be different and chose beef for his main course
On our way back to the bus stop we pass numerous lovely sidewalk restaurants
Mussels seem to be very popular in town!!
Another ride for Betsey on the merry-go-round while waiting for the bus back to the port
The view overlooking the marina and bay of Porto Vecchio was fabulous from the old town

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