2019-07-24 Campomoro, Corsica, France to Sardamar Marina, Cannigione via Budeli Island, Sardinia, Italy

Our departure this morning from our overnight anchorage in Campomoro was just before 6.30 am
Overnight there were quite a number of boats on anchor in the bay off Campomoro
Shortly after our departure the sun appears over the hills
After a couple of hours motoring down the south west coast we pass Plage de Roccapina, a very popular anchorage for boats, especially super yachts
The conditions today were amazing ….. no wind, calm seas and very warm temperatures
After under 4 hours of motoring down the south west coast we pass the spectacular ancient town of Bonifacio which is situated on the southern tip of Corsica
Leaving the Corsican coast we head south east and approach the beautiful La Maddalena Islands which are situated off the northern coast of the Italian island of Sardinia
Before continuing on to our destination of Cannigione situated in northern Sardinia, we decide to spend a few hours enjoying the hot weather and having a swim at Isola Budelli, one of the northern La Maddalena islands
Spiaggia dell’Obelisco on Isola Budelli
The Spiaggia Rosa (Pink Beach) at Isola Budelli is popular to see but not to visit
The Pink Beach has a roped off area at the entrance to the bay, in order to keep boats out (and people as we later found out!)
We join an armarda of boats on the eastern side of Budelli Island and anchor for a couple of hours
Ric positions us beautifully between a couple of boats close to the shore
Time to get the goggles and flippers on!!
It did not take us long to get into the beautiful warm clear water
Roccia del Coccodrillo which apparently at a particular angle looks like a crocodile!!
Once back aboard after a very long 1.5 hour swim we relaxed before our departure
Pulling up our anchor we continue our journey
Earlier we swam all the way to the Pink Beach and as soon as we went beyond the roped buoys a couple of people came out of the house and blew whistles!!! The owners of the house obviously think they own the beach and the bay too!!! They no doubt get tired of the peering eyes of day trippers and other boats coming to see the “Pink Beach”!!
Another well laden boat heading to Budelli Island
We head south passing Isola Spargi to our starboard side
The island and the main town of the island group is called La Maddalena. On the hill overlooking the town is the Guardia Vecchia which is the military base of the area
We continue on and make our way towards the coast of Sardinia which as the crow flies is only 11 kms from the southern coast of Corsica
Once we reach the coast of Sardinia we continue east and enter the Ligurian Sea and make our way south down the channel to the town of Cannigione
The familiar sight of the port of Cannigione comes into view
Entering the Port of Cannigione which we know well from our many visits during the 2015 season
We had booked a berth in the marina as we wanted to get some work done on the Tangaroa before our family arrives from Tasmania
With such hot weather we decide to have a delicious fresh salad with cold meats for dinner tonight

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