2019-07-23 Calvi to Campomoro, Corsica, France

It is a fantastic view this morning of the old town of Calvi from our anchorage
Overnight we had company of a dozen or so yachts in the bay
In need of fuel to continue our journey we made our way towards the marina to fill our tanks
Calvi is a very beautiful port so there are always numerous super yachts tied up on the piers
We have visited Calvi on a several occasions before in both 2015 and 2016
With a small population of around 6000 people, the economy of Calvi is mainly based on summer tourism
One of Calvi’s beautiful churches which stands out above the marina and port is the Eglise Sainte-Marie de Calvi
After queuing up for quite some time we finally had the tanks on the Tangaroa filled up with diesel once again
By mid morning we were on our way to continue our journey down the west coast of Corsica
The weather forecast today for Calvi was for very hot temperatures in excess of 41 degrees C. Fortunately by travelling and stopping for an occasional swim makes it all bearable
We look back to the magnificent sight of the medieval citadel of Calvi
We have wonderful cruising conditions as we head south down the west coast of Corsica
Stunning scenery along the way
A couple of hours after our departure from Calvi we approach Punta Palazzo with Ile Gargalo in the distance
Ile de Gargalo with it’s conspicious Genoese tower
Just south east of Ile Gargalo is a very popular anchorage by Reserve the Naturelle De Scandola
Continuing south we pass Capo Rosso one of the most western capes of Corsica
Just north of the town of Cargese is the historical landmark, Torra d’Omigna
On the coast immediately west of Ajaccio, which is the largest port of western Corsica, is the Plage de Grand Capo Di Feno which is a very popular beach and anchorage
Le Ponant, a large and luxurious vessel is moored nearby
We look ahead in the distance to another historical landmark, Torra di a Parata located further down the coast near the town of Ajaccio. The Archipel des Sanguinaires, a cluster of small islands can be seen west of the point
The 16th Century Torra di a Parata can be climbed by energetic visitors to experience the stunning sweeping sea views
After another refreshing swim and with the conditions still being so favourable for travelling, we decide to continue further down the coast
Finally after a total of 9 hours of travelling, we decide to find a nearby anchorage for the night
We approach the beachside town of Campomoro which is a short distance south west of the larger town of Propriano
We decide to join several other boats and anchor here overnight
Another great sunset
Ric makes the best pizzas in our Tasmanian barbecue on the Tangaroa!!

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