Wed/Thur 22nd & 23rd August 2012 Sarsala Koyu to Gocek

A Great Spot for Snorkelling and Swimming
A Local Family with Small Children Arrive for a Few Hours
A Loving Father with His Sons by the Water was Truely Wonderful to Watch
Mum Gives Baby a Quick Wash with Bottled Water and then Off to Bed for a Sleep
Back on Their Little Boat for a Siesta
Our Departure from Our Lovely Little Bay
Back to Gocek
Boats Moored at Club Marine Near the Pump Out Station
Antipasto Aboard Tonight with Crab Cooked by our Next Door Neighbour at the Marina

Our few days out of the marina was wonderful. There is nothing better than dropping an anchor in a bay, tying a line ashore for stability and having some peace and quiet and of course being able to swim. Our previous couple of nights were spent in Sarsala Koyu which is quite a big bay with many smaller anchorages and restaurant quays to tie up to. It is quite a popular place for boats of all sizes and shapes. You will find many superyachts here and also small fishing boats like the one that joined us in our small bay for an afternoon. What a lovely family out on their little boat with the children for a few days. It was a lovely experience to watch how caringly the parents interacted with their children. We unfortunately had to once again go back to Gocek Municipal Marina to have the rear bimini and sun shades fitted, together with having a small issue with the holding tanks seen to again. Once again we were placed back in the same berth as we have had before which was great, as we got to know the neighbours on either side. Our arrival time was fortunate as we were given a freshly cooked crab that was still hot to have with our dinner by the captain from the boat next berth. Ric and I both agreed it was the best crab we had ever tasted!!

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