Wednesday 29th August 2012 Marmaris

Cheeky Local Boys Bomb Diving from our Boat
Every Day their Cheeky Faces Appeared at the Stern
Best Friends
The Ladder Ric Bought for the Boys
The Cruise Ship Departs and Makes Room for the Next One

When we got up in the morning we noticed an enormous amount of dried salt all over the starboard side of the boat including the windows. We first thought it came from one of the bigger gulets leaving the port too fast and throwing a lot of spray. During the morning while I was catching up on some cleaning and boat duties, a group of cheeky young Turkish boys appeared at the back of our cockpit. While we had been out during the evening they had put our swim ladder down and had used our boat as a jumping platform. We first thought this was harmless however we then thought of the danger and the subsequent complications if one of the boys injured himself on our boat. This issue became ongoing as whenever we went out they still came aboard regardless of our caution not to come aboard!!



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