Wednesday 1st July 2012 Bozburun to Ciftlik

The Harbourside Quay for the Visiting Yachts to Moor
Well Known Haven for the Local Men Discussing Secret Men’s Business
Many Gulets Waiting for Customers
Into the Port to Fill up with Water Before Departure
The Bozburun Mosque
Good Choice for Dinner
Goodbye Bozburun
This Ship was used by Former Turkish Revolutionary Leader, Ataturk
A Great Day for Travelling in the Hot and Humid Conditions
Ancient Remains of a Citadel in Bozuk Buku
A Couple of Yachts Moored in Bozuk Buku
Remarkable Rock at the Narrow Entrance to Serce Limani, a Popular Anchorage with a Restaurant
The Navy races Past Us with a Dozen People Huddled on the Upper Deck????
The Island, Ciftlik Adasi at the Entrance to the Sheltered Bay of Ciftlik Buku
A Restaurant Employee Enticing Potential Yachting Customers to come and Moor at their Jetty
The Rising Moon as we go Ashore
The Rafet Baba Restaurant
A Beautiful Outlook from the Restaurant
Tangaroa in the Moonlight
Chilled Rose and Great Octopus Salad
Excellent Seabass





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