Wednesday 12th September 2012 Sogut to Kapi Creek via Dalyan

An Early Start from Sogut
Another Early Traveller
Passing Many of Our favourite Bays on the Way to Dalyan
Breakfast Time
Our Guests Enjoying the Early Morning Sun
Small Local Boats Fishing or Selling Goods
Finally we Arrive at Our Destination
Our Captain with his Boat Collects Us at Midday
The Busy Iztuzu Beach by the Mouth of the Dalyan River
Everybody Excited Seeing the Turtles
A Turtle is Lured to the Surface with a Crab on a Line
At the Mouth of the Dalyan River You Enter a Labyrinth of Reeds
Susie and I Pose on the Bow of the Boat
Our Captain
Other Visitors on the Way Back from Dalyan
Ric Enjoying the Trip Again on the Dalyan River
Our Transport to the Ancient Town of Caunos Nearby
Dalyan Township from Caunos
Susie and Ric Pose for the Camera at the Caunos Site
The Dalyan River
Ancient Ruins of Caunos Date Back to 6th Century AD
Overlooking the Dalyan River
Ancient Remains of a Fort at Caunos
The Old Ampitheatre
The Ancient Tombs of Caunos
The Main Street of Dalyan
Susie Tempted in the Shop of Colourful Boots
Our Friends Seem to Have Enjoyed the Trip to Dalyan
The Turtle Beach
Heading Back to the Tangaroa
On Our Return Tangaroa is Almost Buried in the Choppy Sea
Rough Conditions After Leaving Dalyan River
Don and Susie Holding On Tight
Our Late Arrival in the Calmer Fethiye Gulf
It is Nice to Relax at the Kapi Creek Restaurant after Such a Long Day
The Fresh Mezes on the Menu Tonight
Great Lamb Casserole, Shrimps & Kebabs to Share
Our Irish Friends at the Next Table Enjoying a Song

We made quite an early start this morning from our overnight stop near the Octopus Restaurant in Sogut Bay. The plan was to motor quite a distance today all the way to the Fethiye Gulf with a stop for a few hours at the Dalyan River. Ric and I had enjoyed the trip by small boat up the river so much a month ago, that we wanted to share the experience again with our friends, Don and Susie. Ric had pre booked one of the small boats to collect us from the Tangaroa in the bay at midday and as scheduled our captain arrived promptly on time. After stopping to view the turtles at the mouth of the Dalyan River, we made our way through the labyrinth of reeds towards the ancient town of Caunos.The tractor trip over the dusty, narrow road to the ancient site was quite bumpy, however a lot of fun!! The view over the meandering, narrow, reeded channels of the Dalyan River were quite spectacular from the elevated ancient town. Once back aboard our small boat we continued on to the famous tombs which overlook the township of Dalyan. Here we made a stop for a while to have a look through the town and try a Turkish coffee. Following our excursion and returning to the Tangaroa, which was anchored in the large bay, we discovered a strong afternoon breeze had arrived and the sea had become quite rough. It was quite an ordeal for us to climb aboard from the small tour boat. Fortunately both captains were experienced and the crossing from one boat to another went without incident. Once aboard we secured everything for the rough trip east to the next headland and then we had the breeze behind us, which was a relief to us all. This part of the Turkish coast always has a strong afternoon seabreeze which we found out about on our earlier visit to the Dalyan River. Once we arrived in the Fethiye Gulf by early evening, the conditions were much calmer. Motoring through the narrow channel to the western side of the large bay, we entered the nearby cove of Kapi Creek and tied to the restaurant pier where we had been a couple times before. Dinner here was always a nice experience and after our long, adventurous day it was a welcome relief to sit down with a nice glass of wine or two!

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