Tue/Wed 18/19th September 2012 Pillar Cove, Sarsala Bay

Doug and Irene’s Yacht with Mitch and Sarah Jane’s Beside
Ric Swims for a Chat with Our Canadian Friends
Colourful Underwater Scenery
Great View of the Shore While Swimming
Yachts Moored in the Bay with the Restaurant


Looking Back Towards the Tangaroa in Pillar Bay
Sarah Jane and Mitch Aboard Their Yacht
Ric Relaxing Aboard the Tangaroa
Our Tasmanian Huon Pine and Tas Oak Table
Our Tasmanian Huon Pine and Tas Oak Table
Other Yachts in Pillar Cove
Dinner at the Sarsala Restaurant
Quite Busy in the Restaurant Tonight
A Few Yachts on the Restaurant Quay
Mitch and Sarah Jane Join us for Dinner
Dinner to Share with our Young Friends

We enjoyed a couple of days relaxing and swimming in the lovely bay called Pillar Cove. Mitch and Sarah Jane had told us during our chance meeting in Gocek that they had spent quite a bit of time in this beautiful cove. The tranquil bay has numerous mooring buoys which can be picked up and used without any charge. Generally during the peak summer periods, it is not easy to aquire a mooring buoy as the cove is extremely popular for yachts and gulets. We were very fortunate that as we were arriving a couple of days ago, a yacht was conveniently departing. On our last evening in the bay we decided to try the restaurant nearby. Sarah Jane and Mitch were keen to join us for dinner and we all went ashore by dinghy and had a delightful evening together. The restaurant was quite full and obviously very popular with the visiting yachts. The welcoming fairy lights on either side of the walkway from the quay were quite effective and gave the restaurant an attractive look. The food was not as good as we had expected however it may have been due to the busy night.



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