Tuesday 4th September 2012 Dirsek to Keci Beku

Bread Delivery in the Morning
The Water is So Blue Here
Our Lovely Young Tassie Friends Mitch, Sarah Jane and Ash and Rhi fom the UK in Green
Mitch and Sarah Jane’s Yacht
Departing Dirsek
Ric Making Calls as we Travel
Heading Towards My Marina, Keci Beku to get our Throttle Cable Replaced
Baha Expertly Replaced our Broken Throttle Cable
With New Acquaintances Lilly and Christina
Catching Up Again with Fellow Australian Terry and his Scottish Partner, Christina
Murdo, Christina’s Dog is Very Interested in Lilly’s Tiger

Dirsek is one of those unique bays that not only is a safe and secure anchorage but also is very picturesque, with it’s barren hills and clear blue water. Generally during peak season it is quite conjested in this bay with many yachts, gulets and power boats surrounding the shore. On our last visit here over a month ago, we chose to continue on because there were too may boats here. Our couple of nights, on this occasion, in Dirsek were most enjoyable and we were thrilled to meet our sailing friends Dick and Mary once again. Prior to going to the restaurant for dinner the night before we joined them and their friends for a pre-dinner drink on their boat. Later, by chance at the restaurant we also met brothers Mitch and Ash from the northwest coast of Tasmania and their partners Sarah Jane (also from the same area in Tas) and Rhi from the UK. Prior to our departure from Dirsek the young people all came aboard the Tangaroa and Ric expertly made some coffees for us all. It was interesting hearing about their working experiences living in London for the past few years!! It wasn’t until we were just leaving the bay that we discovered that we had a problem with our port side throttle. After spending a little time investigating and making a few phone calls we departed for Marti Marina in Keci Beku where there was a Turkish guy waiting for us to fix the problem. The repairs all went well and in the meantime while at the local supermarket we were invited to join a group of like sailors on their catarmaran for drinks. It was really nice to meet Ray, Lilly and their friend Tom and also catch up with fellow Australian, Terry whom we had met in Keci Buku on our last visit here. We also finally met Terry’s new wife Christina, who comes from Scotland and is an artist and a palm reader!!!

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