Tuesday 31st July 2012 Keci Buku to Bozburun

Another Busy Day on the Sandbar
Next Time in Keci Buku we will try the Begonville Restaurant
Goodbye to the Beautiful Bay of Keci Buku
Passing the Luxury Hotels Once Again
Rugged Coastal Scenery
Many Gulets are Rented with Crew for Holidays on the Turkish Coast
There are Gulets in Every Bay
A Gulet with Guests Enjoying a Secluded Bay
The Entrance to the Dirsek Bay
The Barren Hills of Dirsek Buku
Dirsek Buku Restaurant
Many Yachts in Dirsek Buku
Crystal Clear Waters in the Channel by the Islands near Bozburun
Wonderful old Ship in Bozburun Harbour
We Decided to Drop the Anchor in Bozburun
Nice Homes in Bozburun Overlooking the Bay
Bozburun by Day
Bozburun by Night

Our departure from Keci Buku was reluctant as we had really enjoyed spending time there. Having a small issue with the water maker we decided to continue towards Marmaris where we could get the unit looked at by a professional. Continuing south east along the coast we called into a number of lovely bays including Dirsek which we had been told was a good anchorage and a particularly nice bay. The bay certainly was delightful with a great restaurant in the corner however it was full of boats and we felt a quieter bay would suit us better for swimming and perhaps anchoring overnight. Continuing on we decided to go to the old town of Bozburun where we dropped anchor, had a nice long swim and for a change had dinner aboard. There were a few yachts in the harbour on anchor however it was not as conjested as the small bay of Dirsek. Most visiting yachts to the Bozburun area either took berths in the enclosed old port, by reversing into the town quay, anchor in the bay or for the bigger boats anchoring in the blue waters of the channel between the islands approaching the town.


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