Tuesday 28th August 2012 Marmaris

We are Only a few Metres from the Restaurants, Shops and Bars
A Typical Turkish Cafe
Not far from the Port is the Marmaris Bazaar
A Busy Day in the Bazaar
Hakan from Kral Optik has Great Glasses
Sirvan Carpet & Kilims have a Wonderful Selection
The Gulets have not Arrived Back Yet
Our Sunshades have Come in Handy Already
The Gulet Beside us Picks Up our Chain with their Anchor!!
A Refreshing Mojito is Needed after the Chain Incident
My S.. on the Beach is Great too!!
Tangaroa in Marmaris Old Port
A Lovely Fountain Featuring Bronze Statues of Children Playing
Meryem Ana for Great Home Cooked Authentic and Cheap Turkish Food
The Wonderful Cooks at Meryem Ana
A Tasty Selection of Traditional Turkish Food
The Savoury Pancakes are Delicious
A Mixture of Vegetarian Traditional Turkish Food to Share for 15TL
Handmade Meat Filled Turkish Speciality Called Manti

A wander through the Marmaris Old Bazaar gave us the opportunity to do a little window shopping which resulted in getting new glasses and sunglasses that we both needed. This meant that we would have a few extra days in the port which was good as there was a few days of winds forecasted. Hakan from the Optometrist where we ordered our glasses recommended a small family restaurant for us to try, when I asked after a restaurant with real turkish home cooked food. A lot of the restaurants in Marmaris cater for the tourists and serve European style foods rather than the traditional Turkish, which we really enjoy. His suggestion was good as Meryem Ana was inexpensive, the food was authentic and very tasty and the hosts were friendly and welcoming. They also proudly mentioned that their restaurant was written up as a recommendation in the Lonely Plant! While there many people came to dine and some bought food and took it with them. Meryem Ana is quite a casual place which isn’t licensed so we took the opportunity to have an AFD.




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