Tuesday 24th July 2012 Okluk Koyu to Buyuk Cati

Time to Depart Okluk Koyu
The Bronze Mermaid at the Head of the Bay
Many Hidden Bays in this Area
Good Advertising to Passing Boats
A Family out Fishing for the Day
Wonderful Scenery Looking Back in the Distance
One Tree Island at the Entrance to Buyuk Cati
This Looks Like a Nice Anchorage for the Night
All Secured with a Stern Line Tied Ashore
Interesting Underwater Plants
Wonderful Scenery Underwater
That’s Me with the White Hair
Beautiful Blue Water
Our Stern Line Securely Tied to a Tree on the Shore
Ric Relaxing Aboard after his Long Swim
A Different View of the Tangaroa
A Fisherman Heads Out into the Choppy Gulf
The Wind has now Dropped and the Water Appears Calmer out in the Gulf


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