Tuesday 22nd May 2012 Athens

The Small Port of Mikrolimano in Piraeus with Athens Marina in the Background
There are Many Fishermen in Every Port
Stunning Backstreets in Mikrolimano
A Renovater’s Dream
Great place to go for Lunch
We Chose the Quirkiest Taverna with Sun
A Novel Way of Serving Chicken Souvlaki
Mikrolimano is a very Picturesque Bay

As Ric was departing for Shanghai this evening he spent the morning meeting with contractors to organise the completion of a few boat issues not resolved initially on our departure. As our marina was very close to the small port of Mikrolimano, we took a short taxi trip to have some lunch in one of the many tavernas circling this quaint little harbour. There were many to choose from however we wanted to sit in the sun, so chose one called Tapatka which fitted the bill. It looked quite quirky and served only meat dishes. We lunched on Greek meatballs, grilled vegetables and chicken souvlaki served suspended from a metal frame. Unusual!!! It suited us well, as we have had a diet of mostly fish since arriving in Greece. To walk off this heavier choice of lunch, we strolled up the elevated back streets which had the most beautiful views of the water and the harbour. Ric then attended another session with the physio (the one with the good tastes in restaurants) before returning to the boat  for his ritual of packing  ten minutes prior to departure overseas! Our friendly regular Greek taxi driver called Yanis arrived early and had to wait for a change!!

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