Tuesday 11th September 2012 Symi to Sogut via Bozburun

Our Berth in Symi Last Night
An Early Start to Head for Bozburun, Turkey
Susie Making the Most of the Early Morning Photography
The Early Sun in Symi Harbour
Goodbye Symi
Fishing Boat Near Bozburun, Turkey
Susie Taking Many Photos
Susie and Don’s First Time in Turkey
Back to Bozburun to do Customs
Ric and His Beloved Tangaroa
We Took the Back Streets to get to the Weekly Market
Pomegranates Trees are in Every Garden


The Tea and Spice Man at the Bozburun Market
Plenty of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
Soft White Cheeses Very popular in Turkey
A Cute Local Boy at the Weekly Market
Great Colours at the Fruit and Veggie Stall
A Renovator’s Dream at an Old House Nearby
Back to Our Favourite Swimming Spot in Sogut Bay
Susie the First in to Test Out the Water
Susie and I on the Noodle Seats
Don Looking Very Fit and Professional with the Camera in Hand
A Flotilla of Sunsail Yachts at the Octopus Restaurant Pier
All These Yachts were Chartered by Russian Sailors for a Russian Sailing Regatta in the Area
Our Table Waiting for us on the Pier of the Octopus Restaurant
Dinner at Octopus Restaurant in Sogut
Susie Having a Look at the Amazing Mezes on Display
My Favourite Spicy Meze, Esme
The Fresh Salads are Straight from the Garden
The Tasty Seafood Rolls
Perfectly Cooked Sea Bream
The Best Gilled Octopus
Great Squid Stuffed with Seafood
Fishing Boats to One Side of Our Table
Our Dingy on the Other Side Tied to Our Table
To Finish the Evening Some of us Indulged in Cheese Cake

An early start was planned this morning by Captain Ric, which proved to be slightly too early for the best morning shots of Symi harbour. The sun was still low in the sky and only a few of the pastel coloured houses were giving off their beautiful morning glow! The plan for today was to depart from Greece from Symi Island and make our way across the short distance to the Turkish coast and proceed to Bozburun to do our legalities. After waiting a little while for Ric to get phone access in the big bay nearby, we finally made our way across to Bozburun which only took under 2 hours of slow motoring while having breakfast. Dropping our anchor in the bay on arrival, we took the dinghy into the small Bozburun port where we did customs and also did some grocery shopping which included a hike through the back streets of the small town to the large weekly market. You will find anything at this market from fruit and vegetables to hardware products or even bed linen and towels. After stocking up on lovely fresh goodies from the market we departed from Bozburun and motored to the nearby bay of Sogut which we had visited before and really enjoyed. We went back to the same beautiful swimming spot beside a small island, where we snorkelled and swam in the aquamarine water. Our plan later in the day was to take Don and Susie to the Octopus Restaurant which was situated at the top of the Sogut bay. As we later neared the restaurant pier, we noticed there were many yachts tied up and that there were no spaces available. With this we decided to drop the anchor nearby and have the men go ashore to make a booking in the restaurant. We were fortunate that we were able to get a table for dinner, as the preorganised sailing function took up most of the restaurant. When we came ashore for dinner it was quite an experience tying up the dinghy to our table on the pier. As most of the restaurant was taken over by the Russian Sailing Regatta Event, other guests were seated on the concrete piers which turned out to be quite lovely positions for dinner. The evenings events for the Sailing Competition included prize giving and speeches all in the Russian language. The food and service were excellent even though it was an extremely busy evening. We were pleased our guests enjoyed the experience and Ric and I most certainly will return in the future.












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