Thursday 6th September 2012 Sogut to Bozukkale

Octopus Restaurant
Always Many Yachts here on the Quay
An Unusual Sight this Morning
Morning Exercise?
Our Neighbours Preparing to Leave
Our Mooring at the End of the Quay
A Morning Swim at a Great Snorkelling Spot in Crystal Clear Water


Such a Lovely Sight
Our Late Arrival in Bozukkale

Leaving Octopus Restaurant we detoured to a beautiful spot in Sogut Bay for a swim and relax before making our way to Bozukkale. This sheltered bay with four restaurants and very little else, is the closest crossing point to make the 4 nautical mile journey across to Rhodes in Greece. We spent the night here in the bay before departing in the morning. Many months ago we had arranged to meet our Tasmanian friends, Don and Susie in Rhodes on the 9th of September. As we had not been to this island before we thought we would go a couple of days earlier into the Rhodes port to get organised and have a look around. A week prior we had arranged a custom agent to organise our entry at Rhodes and book a berth in the old port of Mandraki, which is advisable to do as there are not usually many berths available. Rhodes is a very touristic town, with wonderful history, great shopping and many restauants and bars.


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