Thursday 5th July 2012 Mykonos Marina

Mykonos Old Port without Cruiseships in the Way
Another Anchor Entanglement!
Tangaroa in Mykonos Marina
The Unfinished Marina of Mykonos
The Road to Mykonos from the Marina
The Old Port
Good Place for a Great View
Me by the Sea
Bikes and Windmills
Quiet by Day but Lively at Night
One of the Many Back Streets by the Old Port
Ric with Windmills
Great Wall!
Me and a Windmill in Mykonos
A much Photographed Part of Old Mykonos
Mykonos Caters for all Tastes
Zorzis Boutique Hotel with an Australian Owner and Good Food Across the Path
Maerio, a Good Place to Dine in the Back Streets by the Old Port
A Great Local Dish of Mykonian Sausage with Vegetables
Overlooking Windmills at Dusk
The Old Port of Mykonos
The Old Port by Night

Today there was a reprieve from the cruiseships which generally are visiting Mykonos mostly every day. After assisting yet another yacht in the marina which had it’s anchor hooked up to someone else’s chain, we decided to finally venture into Mykonos town. While waiting for the hourly bus/taxi we accepted a lift from a local man on a 2-seat skooter with a small flat tray on the back. Ric sat on a small tool box in the rear and I sat beside him. At great speed we were in Mykonos in a few minutes!! What an fun experience!! Following our unusual arrival we spent a full day enjoying the lovely old town. The windmills are certainly impressive here, as are the the shops, tavernas, bars, old harbour and views. Fortunately today we were able to move around in comfort, as when the cruiseships are in town, the small side streets and shops are so crowded. After taking many photos and walking for miles in the very warm conditions we had an early dinner in a little taverna called Maeiro, which was recommended to us by a local retailer. The food was really tasty and we enjoyed our experience there.


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