Thursday 24th May 2012 Athens


After a day aboard attending to cleaning and accounting duties, at dusk a long walk around the marina was on the agenda. I needed to stretch my legs and as there was a lot of interesting scenery here, I decided to take my trusted camera with me (as usual)! The security of the marina is incredible, no doubt when you look around! Being on my own for five days, I have felt quite comfortable and safe in this area. Surprisingly for the size of the marina there were very few boats here at the moment. Normally this marina mostly houses superyachts, however because of the tough times there were very few here and the marina was happy to accommodate smaller boats like ours. The daily rates in this marina were certainly much less than we found in Croatia, when we were forced to stay in a marina, for one reason or another. As impressive as they look, the superyachts are like floating hotels or apartments and as much as one would love to be aboard, we personally still prefer the quiet independence and freedom of our small boat here!



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