Thursday 20th September 2012 Pillar Cove to Wall Bay

Pillar Cove’s Resident Turtle
The Turtle Swims Near Yachts in the Bay
Mitch and Sarah Jane Prepare their Departure
A Gulet Moored Nearby
Our Young Friends Drift Past us to Say Goodbye
Around the Point into Wall Bay
We Moor the Tangaroa at the Restaurant Jetty
It will be a Busy Night at the Restaurant
Wall Bay Restaurant has a Delightful Position in the Small Bay
Time for Dinner
Great Outdoor Kitchen
A Popular Dish “Chicken in the Oven”
Fresh Fish and Kebabs on the Menu Tonight
Amazing French Fries
Lovely Fresh Fish for Us
Very Few Empty Tables
Our New Friends at the Next table
Chico is a Minature Doberman

This morning we were lucky enough to see the turtle that lives in the Pillar Cove area. We had been told about this old turtle however almost on our departure he mysteriously appeared, as if to say goodbye to us all. Our young Australian friends, Mitch and Sarah made their departure to prepare for their return to the UK, after having spent many months cruising the Mediterranean. Our departure took us to the nearby Wall Bay which we had not experienced to date. We were keen to try the restaurant so we chose to moor along the restaurant quay for the night. Fortunately as we arrived a great position became available on the outer quay which we accepted happily. It is always easier to moor our boat when there is lots of space! As the day went by, the quay gradually filled up and there was a hive of activity around the yachts and also in the restaurant and bar area. We chose to get a little exercise before dinner which had become quite a ritual for us. After making a booking, we prepared for the evening which followed by having a couple of nice cocktails aboard before joining the large crowd in the restaurant for dinner. The open air kitchen was buzzing with people cooking and preparing food and also customers viewing and selecting the produce on the menu this evening. After taking our turn and making our selection we settled at our table and ordered some wine. The restaurant was very busy with hardly a table available. We were glad we booked! Amongst all the loud chatter one could hear a lone guitarist playing and singing his medolies to willing patrons. He spent his evening moving from table to table serenading happy yachties with his tunes. Fortunately we were close enough to the table beside us to endure the experience without having our evening taken over!! At the next table were a delightful group of sailors from Holland which we later befriended and spent some time exchanging boating experiences. Chico, a minature doberman was part of the crew on their boat and she spent her evening also visiting the nearby tables or sitting on her proud owner, Delphien’s lap. Our dinner when it finally arrived, was very pleasant with basic grilled fresh fish, salad and amazing French fries. Later our new friends came aboard for a nightcap which was a very pleasant way to finish a lovely evening.


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