Thursday 19th July 2012 Bodrum Milta Marina

Sarah and Anthony Depart for Istanbul
Nice Spot in the Bodrum Marina
Not Many Spaces Available!!
Sunset over our Neighbours
Back to Memedof for our Favourite Starters
Shrimp Stew to Share
Ric Could Not Help Himself !!
Bodrum Marina by Night

Sadly Sarah and Anthony departed this morning for their flight from Bodrum to Istanbul where they were going to have a couple of nights before flying back to Australia. It was wonderful to have them aboard and we are sure they enjoyed the lovely places we all visited together. Our dear friends Huseyin and Sema came from Ismir especially to see us and they also kindly took Sarah and Anthony to the airport. Ric has had a long working relationship with Huseyin and we look forward to them both joining us aboard for a few nights while we are in Turkey.






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