Thursday 16th August 2012 Pamukkale

Our First Stop on the Day Tour from the Hotel is the Red Water Wellness Park
Joining the Crowd of Mad Photographers Capturing the Red Water Bubbling Out of the Ground!!
Our Tour of the Burial Grounds of the Rich and Famous in Ancient Times
Our very Enthusiastic and Fun Tour Guide from Istanbul
Our Tour Group
A Circular Burial Tomb with the Entrance Concealed and Buried by Dirt
One of the Thousands of Well Preserved Sarcophgi in the Burial Area Prior to Entering the Gates of the Ancient City Of Hieraopolis
The Vast Area of the Burial Grounds Here Contain Many Intact Sarcophagi
Earthquakes Over the Centuries have Further Damaged the Burial Sites
The Ancient Remains of a Temple
This Ancient City of Hierapolis was Quite Substanial in Size in Ancient Times
Ancient Basilica Baths
The North Byzantine Gate of the Ancient City
The Latrines
No Room Left in the Wellness Centre Spa Pool
Our American Pamukkale Tour Aquaintances, Having Fun
The Theatre was Built in the 3rd Century A.D. and Still is in Amazing Condition for it’s Age
Friendly Young Japanese People on Our Tour
So Many Visitors Here Today
The Pamukkale Tourist Site is a Huge Area
Ric Doing His Good Deeds Again
Us at Pamukkale
Ric Enjoying our Visit to Pamukkale
This is One of the Most Amazing Sites we have Ever Visited
Very Crowded Today at the Pamukkale Site
Ric Has Become Quite Interested in Photography Lately
The Calcification of the Limestone Pools is Visually Outstanding
The Edges of the Pools have the Most Amazing Colour
Ric Dwarfed by the High Hills of Calcified Deposits
Me Testing the Water in one of the Pools at Pamukkale
Great Surrounds for this Public Recreation Area at the Base of the Site
My Choice for Lunch Today
Relaxation By the Pool After Our Busy Tour

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