Thursday 12th July 2012 Skala, Patmos Is to Lipsi, Lipsi Is

Leaving Lovely Patmos
Last Glimpse of the Monastery
Anthony Enjoying a Quiet Moment
Our Very Relaxed Daughter
A Beautiful Sloop Sails By
A Great Spot For Lunch and a Swim on the Small Island of Arki
A Church Glowing in the Afternoon Sun in Lipsi Harbour
Lipsi Harbour, Lipsi Island
Very Quaint and Colourful Lipsi
The Church on the Hill
Blue and White are Popular Colours Here Too !! Great Cafe and Bakery !!
Big Menu at Yiannis Restaurant
Grilled Cheese is Popular in Greece
Stuffed Peppers for a Change
We Sampled a Morton Bay Bug Lookalike with Colourful Garnishes !!
Yiannis Restaurant has a Lovely View Over the Water
Our Next Stop is “The Rock” for a Nightcap
Mine Host is the Bartender
An Interesting Sign in the Little Boy’s Room

After a couple of wonderful days visiting Patmos Island we made our departure for our next port of call. Lipsi Island was less than an hour of motoring from Patmos so we changed course and headed slightly north east to go to the small island of Arki for a swim and some lunch. It was such a delightful spot that we spent most of the afternoon there enjoying the crystal clear warm water and pleasant conditions. It was interesting watching the very few boats passing by. We spotted an elegant sloop under sail, a couple of sailing boats and a pirate ship, which obviously was one of the daytrippers from a nearby port. Late afternoon we departed for Lipsi and after arriving into the quaint little port, we reversed Tangaroa into the pier beside the other visiting boats. Anthony and Ric departed for a wander around the small town and came back with a suggestion for dinner. Later after enjoying a nice Japanese Slipper cocktail that Ric had mixed for us aboard the boat, we made our way to the Yiannis Restaurant. The evening was very balmy once again and slowly we are getting used to the chilled red wines served in the tavernas. Intitially we requested the non chilled house red wines when going out, however with the weather being so warm we have joined the clan! The restaurant was beautifully positioned by the water with brightly painted gourds as decorations by each of the tables. Unusual!! We tried a few different dishes this evening, including the lobster on the menu, which turned out to be a big bug that resembled a large Morton Bay variety! The food was quite good however it all was served with garnishes that went out of fashion in the 60’s. They need to send their chef to finishing school!!! On someones suggestion, we stopped of at The Rock for an after dinner drink. The family run small bar was quite a nice venue for a final drink for the evening. Mine host mixed us girls a nice Marguarita and a Pinacolada and the boys had a couple of rums! It was the icing on the cake tonight!




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