Sunday 9th September 2012 Rhodes

The Tangaroa all Tidy for the Arrival of Our Friends Today
Our Neighbours in the Mandraki Port
The City Wall Dominates the City and is up to 12 M Thick
The Best Bottle Shop in Rhodes
Ric Samples Some Italian Prosecco
A Wonderful Selection of Wine on 2 Floors
Ric is Pleased with the Bikes
A Very Creative Icecream Presentation in the Old Town
A Crepe Suzette and Coffee for Lunch Yum!
Small and Large Vessels are Moored by the Old City
How Cute are These!!
Our Special Friends, Don & Susie Have Arrived
Sampling Some Greek Masticha at Our Favourite Bottle Shop in the Old Town
The Welcoming Staff at Romios
Some Delicious Starters to Share


Our First Dinner Together Back at Romios
Ric’s Veal in Gorgonzola Sauce Looks Great
The Delicious Veal and Vegetable Casserole
A Kitten Cheekily Checks Out the Leftovers on the Table
Our After Dinner Visit to the Fish Doctor
Dr Don Looks Like He is Enjoying the Treatment!!
Through the Marine Gate of the Old City and Back to Mandraki Port
The Mandraki Harbour Entrance by Night

Another morning ride on the bikes into the old town proved to be an expensive exercise for us. Ric had dicovered a wonderful bottle shop with the most amazing range of wines and spirits from Greece and all over the world. Knowing the prices for liquor in Turkey were a lot more expensive than anywhere else and as we were going to spend a lot more time in Turkey next year, Ric decided to stock up here and fill the bilges of the boat. I am sure the water level went down quite a bit on the Tangaroa after this exercise. Having a quick decadent lunch of crepe suzettes and good coffee, we did some food stocking up on the way back to the boat. Our dear friends Susie and Don arrived on schedule and we were thrilled they were able to come and join us for a week. Not knowing the restaurants of Rhodes, we decided our guests would enjoy the food and the atmosphere at Romios where we had dined a couple of nights ago with our new friends from Newcastle. We all enjoyed the evening and once again the service and food was great. Calling in to the ‘Fish Doctor’ nearby was quite an experience for our guests. Having your dry skin on your feet nibbled by small fish in a tank is a novel way to end an evening!!! This is very popular for tourists visiting Greece.

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