Sunday 6th May 2012 Preveza

The history of this area of Greece is amazing. This actual expanse of water from the Preveza town and where the 3 marinas are situated across the bay is where Cleopatra and Mark Anthony had their last battle with Augustus in 31BC. They both are burried somewhere in the area. Preveza was built by Augustus when he won the battle and to this day you can see old ruins on both sides of the water of the old castles. Not to far away also are the remains of well preserved buildings and ancient walls. The town itself is popular during summer months with Greek people coming here for their holidays and also yachties calling in spending a few days before continuing on cruising through the Greek Islands. There are many restaurants and bars along the waters edge. The small streets behind are cluttered with wooden chairs and tables covered in checked cloths at the many quaint restaurants. Fish is very popular in this area and every day the local fishermen head out in their small fishing boats to put their nets in to hopefully bring back a good supply to sell on the wharf or to the local restaurants.

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