Sunday 5th August 2012 Kargi Koyu to Kizilkuyruk

Sema Prepared Breakfast This Morning
Our Guests Enjoying the Water
Another Lovely Gulet in the Bay
Great  Spot for a Lighthouse
Many People in the Water Escaping the Heat
Turtle Beach
We Rented a Boat to Take us up the Dalyan River
One of the Local Turtles Being Enticed by a Crab for the Tourists
Blue Swimmer Crab
The Marshes of the Dalyan River are like a Labyrinth
Sema and Huseyin Enjoy a Glass of Fresh Pomegranate and Orange Juice
The Captain’s Son Takes Over the Controls for a Moment
Our Captain Pours More Fresh Juice for Us All
Many Tourists on the River Today
The Rock Tombs Above the Dalyan River
Sounds Like Fun
The Tombs are One of the Major Tourist Attraction Here
The Tombs of the King, His Wife and Children, with His Servants Below
Us on the Dalyan River
Dalyan Village
Lunch at Aktas Restaurant
Blue Swimmer Crabs
Delicious Fresh Salad
Great Sofas for Drinks at Aktas
Interesting Boat
Downtown Dalyan
Happy Birthday Lisa for the 7th
Us in Dalyan Village
Sema Very Relaxed on our Return
Huseyin and Ric also Very Relaxed after our Trip to Dalyan
Sema not Pleased with the Rough Conditions Heading to our Next Port
Huseyin Helps to Cheer Sema Up
Much Calmer Conditions Now in Kizilkuyruk Bay
Sema Feeling a Little Better Now
No Dinner After a Big Lunch – Huseyin Mixed Some Cocktails (SOB)

We experience an amazing day visiting Dalyan. Our day began with a typical breakfast that our guests usually enjoy most mornings. It was a wonderful change from the typical Australian breakfast of cereal and yoghurt or toast and tea!! How wonderful to have lovely cheeses, olives, cucumber, chillies, amazing mediterranean tomatoes and Sema’s special omelette for breakfast. It certainly gave us strength for our full day ahead, of swimming and sightseeing!! Anchoring off the long sandy beach called Iztuzu we hired a boat to take us up the Dalyan River. We had been told that this was an incredible experience and we were keen to do the trip. This area of the Mediterranean was one of two special places where turtles go to lay their eggs on the long sandy beach and another beach beside the mouth of the Dalyan river. We were very fortunate to see quite a few turtles being lured by crabs on lines to come to the surface to please the tourists with cameras, like myself. We continued from there up the Dalyan River through the maze of marshes for a couple of kilometres, which would have been difficult to do without assistance of the locals. The scenery was stunning and the trip was very relaxing. As we approached Dalyan we stopped to see the tombs of the ancient King and his family which were carved into rock of a vertical hill 100 metres high. How they managed to accomplish this so many years ago certainly bewilders me. The day was another very hot day, so chose to take lunch and cool drinks at Aktas Restaurant in the village which was very pleasant by the river. The food was good and too plentiful however a walk in the village afterwards was fun and enjoyable. On our trip back on the little boat we were all very relaxed, however it was short lived, as once out of the river the wind had increased and the water was very choppy in the bay. Our one hour trip to our next destination was not as comfortable as we would have liked it!




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