Sunday 26th August 2012 Tomb Bay to Ekincik Limani

A Pleasant Outlook from the Stern
We Could Easily Use all of These Services!!!
Everything Looks Brighter During the Day
What a Beautiful Morning!!!
Bob and Rosemary from Esperance WA
Goodbye to Andrea and Richard
Such a Lovely Place to Stay Overnight
So Many Other Exquisite Bays to Chose from Here


We Pass a very Fast Coast Guard Going Between the Islands
We Experienced Slight Winds and Some Confused Seas on the Open Coast
On our Last Visit Here we Moored in this Beautiful Bay
My Marina in Ekincik Limani
The Main Beach in Ekincik Limani
Popular Spot for Holidaymakers
We have heard there is a Good Restaurant Here – Next Time!
A Few Other Boats in the Bay Tonight, Most Visit Dalyan River which is Nearby
Ric Enjoys his Reading
This Does Not Look Like an Underwater Camera!!!

While preparing for our departure we discovered we had some fellow Australian sailors moored overnight on our starboard side. Bob and Rosemary from Western Australia spend around six months in the Mediterranean every year, which is similar to what we are doing. We promptly invited them aboard for one of Ric’s delicious coffees and to hear about their cruising experiences. We find the information you receive from other like sailors invaluable for travelling in new areas. The information exchanged often will save you time and make sure you do not miss the really special places or eateries! Later than we wished, we departed waving goodbye to our two new sets of aquaintances. Ric was keen to get to Marmaris quickly so we left the Fethiye Gulf and started travelling west. As expected by lunchtime a strong sea breeze was upon us which meant we got the decks slightly wet on the port side. By late afternoon we approached the Dalyan River area and dropped our anchor in Ekincik Limani, which is a nearby bay to the famous river. The bay has a lovely beach with small hotels and a couple of restaurants. It seems to be quite popular for holidaymakers as there were quite a few people enjoying the last hours of sunlight on the beach. Quite a few of the sailors leave thier boats in this bay and hire a small boat with a driver to take them up the Dalyan River for the day. As usual we made the most of the nice clear water and after our swim decided to stay on board for the evening and perhaps trying one of the restauants in the future.

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