Sunday 20th May 2012 Marathanos, Aigina Island

Today was a day for relaxing and not moving on to another port again! The weather was warm and sunny and we made the most of the peace and quiet in this lovely bay by Marathanos. We lowered the dinghy and went ashore mid afternoon for a late lunch in the busy waterside taverna we could see from the Tangaroa. The Taverna was called Ostria and all the patrons seemed to be locals out for their Sunday lunch. We were very fortunate that as we arrived, a table became vacant by the water, with the table and chairs in the sand. How lovely to kick off the sandles! Our waiter, with a little English explained what was available on the menu and we chose a small selection of local seafood to start, followed by their spicy meatballs and beans to share. Good choice and so was the house red to accompany it. As the restaurant emptied we thought we would stay longer and enjoy terra firma for a while. Some Ouzos with ice were ordered and then Ric could not help himself when a look alike Norgen Vaaz icecream in carton went by on a plate with a spoon!! Finally when a few patrons arrived for dinner we thought we better make a move. We headed along a lovely path away from the water, towards the main road. We passed beautifully painted  houses with very colourful doors and shutters surrounded by quaint picture book perfect gardens. On the main road we found a mini supermarket which was as tidy and clean as the rest of the surrounding area. It was quite obvious that the locals here have a lot of pride in their homes and their surroundings.

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