Sunday 17th June 2012 Adhamas, Milos Island

Wonderful Views over Plaka
The Church of Panagia Thalassitra Built in 1728
Remains of the 450BC Cyclopean Walls Still Stand in Plaka
The Church of Mesa Panagia was Rebuilt after the 2ndWW
Great View Over the Large Harbour
Very Windy Up Here at the Church
The House with an Amazing View and a Mermaid and Wishing Well Too
Beautiful Colours in Plaka – Archontoulas Restaurant
Lovely Little Shops
Quaint Narrow Streets
Mandrakia, Our First Fishing Village We Visited
Very Cute Fishing Boats in the Tiny Harbour at Mandrakia
Living Almost on the Water in Mandrakia
Our Next Stop is the Picturesque Firopotamos
The Lovely Church has a Commanding Position in the Village
Such a Pretty Village Built on White Volcanic Rock
Great Beach Houses for Rent at the Water’s Edge in Firopotamus
Looking Back at Firopotamus and it’s Unique Position
Klima, the Most Well Known of the Fishing Villages
Kerrie in Klima
Klima by the Afternoon Light
AreThese Ducks Kissing or Whispering to Each Other?
Colourful Klima with Plaka in the Background
Happy Klima Residents
Overlooking Adhamas
The Wind Spirit is in Town
Cocktails Later at Utopia in Plaka
Kerrie Happy with Her Bloody Mary
Utopia a Great Place for Drinks
Our Little Friend Waits at the Top of the Steps
Archontoulas for Our Last Dinner Together
Looks Great Inside
Looks Nice Outside too
Our Friendly, Charming Host Archontoula
Kerrie and the Picture Window
Delicious Stuffed Squid
Fabulous Lamb with Artichokes
Amazing Fried Zucchini
The Best Food so far on the Greek Islands!!
Archontoula’s “Something to Give Another Taste” Lemony Yoghurt





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