Sunday 12th August 2012 Tersane Adisi to Kapi Creek

Goodbye Tersane
Hello Kapi Creek
Hair Cuts, Shaves and Massages Available at Kapi Creek
We Could Not Help Making a Booking for Dinner
Everybody we have Met has Recommended a Night in Kapi Creek
Many Yachts Tied up to the Restaurant Quay
Still a Few Lunch Guests at the Tables
It is Nice to be at the End of the Pier
A Gulet Moored Nearby
Ric Waiting Patiently as Usual
Me in the Gobun Restaurant in Kapi Creek
Mezes Plates Complimentary with Main Courses
Beautifully Tender Squid Rings
Scrumptious Shrimp Casserole
Ric Enjoying his Raki, Water and Ice




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