Saturday 8th September 2012 Rhodes

The Old Fort Which is Now a Lighthouse
Our Electric Bikes Have Been Great This Year
The Local Mosque
The Bourg’s Clocktower Built in 1852
The Towers of the Palace of the Grand Masters
The Medieval City Walls Run 4kms Around the City
Ric Patiently Waiting
Rhodes Attracts Thousands of Tourists Every Year
The Entrance to the Palace of the Grand Masters
The Grand Staircase of the Palace
The Mosaic Tile Floors are a Feature in the Palace
The Central Courtyard of the Palace
The Central Courtyard with it’s Geometrical Marble Paving
The North Side of the Street of Knights
Looking Up the Street of Knights
Another Excellent Restaurant in Rhodes
The Old and the New
A Very Busy Square in the Old Town
Popular Place for Tourists
What a Handsome Boy I Am!!
Feathery Friends
Best Mates
I am Very Handsome Too!!
Back to Romios to Make a Booking
Many Cute Fishing Boats in the Little Port by the Old Town
The Windmills by the Mandraki Port
Another Cruise Ship Arriving in Rhodes
Some Interesting Shapes Around the Ancient Wall
Nicely Positioned in Mandraki Port
The Port is Always Full Here in Mandraki
The Fort is Glowing in the Sunset Tonight

Today was a day for doing some sightseeing around the beautiful old town of Rhodes which has been inhabited for more than 2400 years with the city being first built in 408 BC. In 1309 a citadel was built over these ancient remains and the Palace towers dominates the centre of the old Town. The new town lies beyond the original city walls which are almost 4kms in length. Rhodes is now a World Heritage Site and is one of the finest walled cities in the world. We were pleased to have the electric bikes which allowed us to cover quite a distance during the day. We rode all around the old city and stopped and visited the Palace of the Grand Masters which was a fortress within a fortress, built in the 14th century. It had survived earthquakes and many sieges but was accidently blown up in 1856 and finally restored in the 1930’s. Following our adventure around the old city we prepared the boat for our final guests this year, who were arriving in the late afternoon from Italy. Our Tasmanian friends Don and Susie had flown to Italy for a special 60th Birthday celebration of a close friend of theirs from Melbourne. A week in a beautiful villa in Umbria, with half a dozen of your dearest friends sounds like a nice way to celebrate any special birthday!! Happy Birthday Alan.








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