Saturday 1st September 2012 Marmaris to Serce Limani

Lovely People at Kaya Jewellery
Sirvan Carpets & Kilims have a Great Selection in Stock
Back Gammon is very Popular while Waiting for New Customers
Last Night’s Great Venue for Dinner
The Bronze Statues of the Fishermen only Metres from the Old Port
Our New Tribal Sacks Look Great on the Floor of the Tangaroa
Finally Departing our Berth in Marmaris Port
Always Many Gulets in Every Port
Paragliding Popular in Marmaris
Hotels and Resorts Line the Shores of the Marmaris Bay
Our Late Arrival into Serge Limani
New English Friends Richard and Jill
Fabulous Fish for 4 for Dinner
Sharing the Evening at Captain Nemo’s Farm Restaurant with Our New Acquaintances

Finally after spending 5 days in Marmaris we made a move closer to our destination of Bozburun where we plan to do customs and check out of Turkey in a few days time. While in Marmaris we were pleased to have had new glasses made for us both, get some jewellery repaired and purchase some new floor mats for the boat. We both enjoyed this busy little town, despite the many tourists, crowded tourist restaurants and loud nightlife. The shopping, the locals and a few restauants we tried were great and we certainly will return in the future. After departure at 3pm we motored until dusk and chose to moor in Serge Limani, which is a completely landlocked natural harbour south east of Marmaris. This bay has a narrow entrance which opens up when entering and is a safe and sheltered bay to stay overnight. On our arrival we met a delightful English couple who were moored near us. They promptly invited us aboard their boat for a thirst quenching gin and tonic, which was very welcoming. As there was only one restaurant in the bay the choice was quite easy for our dinner. Richard and Jill had already booked a table and later we all dined together at Captain Nemo’s Farm Restaurant. It was quite a pleasant restaurant with good fresh fish to chose from the menu and home grown organic salad and vegetables to accompany each dish. Despite the overfriendly mine host, who at times became quite enthusiastic with his cheeky advances, the evening was most enjoyable.



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