Sat/Sun 7th/8th July 2012, Mykonos Marina

Yachts Departing as the Wind has Died Down
Delightful Countryside on Mykonos
Horse Riding by the Lake
The Dam that Holds the Water Supply of Mykonos
Fokos Beach
Fokos Taverna
Kalafatis Bay
A Good Anchorage for Tomorrow Night in South East Mykonos
Popular Mode of Transport
Back to Fokos Taverna
Quaint Little Taverna
The Chef Grilling our Red Seabream
Just Arrived in Time as the Kitchen Closes at 7pm at Fokos Taverna

Wonderful View of Fokos Beach


Yoga on the Beach
Peppers with Mykonian Cheese
Our Perfectly Cooked Red Seabream

Sarah and Anthony will be arriving in Mykonos on Sunday and will join us on the boat the following day. A final big clean up on the boat and some shopping took all our energy on the Saturday.  At lunchtime on Sunday we hired a car and decided to explore the island before our hopeful departure the next day. On our drive we firstly headed north and drove to Fokos Beach, passing the lake which holds most of the water supply of Mykonos. We were told about  a great taverna by the beach here which we thought we could come back to with Sarah and Anthony, if we were to stay an extra day due to wind. With this in mind we continued on our drive around the island. Mykonos is quite a beautiful island with many lovely beaches with hotels mostly situated on the south and east coasts. Our boating plan was to make our way next to Patmos Island after Mykonos, which is over 50 nautical miles from the south east coast of Mykonos. Calling into several bays there on our drive, we made our mind up to have a night in Kalifatis Bay on anchor with the boat and depart very early the following morning. Feeling slightly on the hungry side we made the sudden decision to go back to Fokos Beach and have an early dinner, just incase we do not get the opportunity to return. Our luck was with us, as the Fokos Taverna’s kitchen closes daily at 7pm and we only just made it with 10 minutes to spare. It was worth driving all the way back here as the food, the hosts, together with the stunning outlook was a really fabulous experience.


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