Sat to Tues 23rd to 26th June 2012 Adhamas, Miltos Island

I just realised that I posted the 21st June before the 19th/20th June. Sorry, must have been one of my many late nights!!!

Some More Yachts have Arrived
Adhamas Port by Night
We Have New Neighbours at our Stern
The Crew of the Defiance Hard at Work
Vincenzo, the Delightful Skipper of the Defiance
One of the Many Daytripper Boats Leaving Port
Another New Visitor in the Port
Our New Figurehead
A Nice Place to Stay for a While!
A Pirate Fisherman!
The Famous Harbourmaster, Miltos of Milos
Miltos Working Hard!!
Many New Visitors on the Adjoining Quay
Another Sunny Day in Milos
Palms in the Port
The Local Church
The Daytripper Returns with Happy Customers
All the Daytrippers back Safely
A Small Cruise Ship with Guests Being Taken Ashore
Quiet Morning in the Port
The Pirate has Returned With His Catch
There are Many Choices for the Daily Boat Trips from Adhamas
Our Colourful Pirate Ship Again
The Defiance Looking very Elegant at Dusk

Our Fuelman, Nicolas with His Lovely Little Boat

Ric departed for Denmark and Norway yesterday as scheduled a number of months prior. Milos being a very beautiful island with a lot of history and places of interest to visit was the ideal location for me to remain with the boat. As much as one loves the Scandinavian countries, it is once again hard to get the jeans and jackets out of the closet for the cooler temperatures there at this time of the year.  It is also nice, however to have some time on one’s own!! Five days alone seems a long time, however with catching up on washing and other chores on the boat, not to mention the photo editing and also the blog, time escaped very quickly!! Over this period the cheeky Harbourmaster, Miltos came past the Tangaroa everyday to see if I was ok or if I needed anything at all!! Fortunately I was fine and did not need his assistance. The weather improved dramatically while Ric was away and it would have been the ideal time to depart the port after being there for so long sheltering from the meltemi wind. Nevertheless the boat got cleaned, all chores carried out and a lot of walking, taking photos and the occasional swim were enjoyed in Ric’s absence. Over this period, a number of new arrivals came into the port and fortunately decided to moor near the Tangaroa on the floating quay. For a change it was great to have others nearby. At the stern of our boat, a lovely 70ft Yacht called the Defiance arrived and the crew aboard worked tirelessly to prepare her for the owners who were due to arrive in a few days with extra guests. The Skipper, Vincenzo, a quietly spoken and delightful Italian gentleman was very helpful with suggestions of islands for us to visit after our departure.


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