Monday 27th August 2012 Ekincik Limani to Marmaris

An Earlier Start this Morning
The Hire Boats Waiting for Passengers for the Dalyan River Trips
Approaching Marmaris we Passed a Few Gulets Heading Out with Guests
Our Arrival Back in Marmaris
Marmaris Old Port
Tangaroa has a Great Position in the Old Port
What a Great Spot for a Few Days!
An Unusual Colour for a Boat
Another Unusual Colour for a Boat
Busy in Marmaris Tonight
Popular Stand with Cheeky Showmen Vending the Icecreams
So Many Restaurants to Chose From
We Could Not Pass This Chinese Restaurant
Big Dumplings!!
Good Crispy Chicken with Spicy Hot Sauce
Nice Spicy Beef with Vegetables
Dining at the Golden River in Marmaris
There is a Busy Nightlife in Marmaris
Many Bars and Discos go to 4am in the Morning

This was our second visit to Marmaris and on this occasion we were extremely lucky to get a berth in the old port. We were given a great position almost at the end of the pier, by the entance to the port and beside the new lighthouse. It was wonderful being so close to everything! Generally the Gulets on the weekends fill all the available spaces along the foreshore of the old town. During the weekly or fortnightly charters of the gulets, it is much easier to get a spot in the port beside the daytrippers and the fishing boats. On the weekends, as this is the changeover for the hire boats it is almost impossible to find a position here and the only option is to anchor out or go into the Netsel Marina nearby. In the evening we took a long walk around the foreshore past most of the restaurants craving for some Asian food as a change. When Ric spotted the Golden River Chinese Restaurant we could not resist taking an available table at the front. A great spot for watching the world go by too!!! We ordered some dishes with extra spice from the very friendly and over enthusiastic waiters. To their surprise when we tried the dishes we said they were not too hot for us. We enjoyed the experience and the food at the Golden River and said we would return to support them in the future. Most of the restaurants have noticed that business has been a lot tougher this season, with the European crisis being the main factor. Less people in Europe are travelling and taking holidays which affects places like Marmaris which depend on the tourism lires. Marmaris has many shops, restaurants, bars and discos and the night life is quite lively. Loud music, search lights scanning the sky and green lazar generated words flashing on the nearby hill every night until very late, give Marmaris the reputation of being a party town.

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