Monday 23rd July 2012 Global Sailing Marina to Okluk Koyu in Degirmen Baku

The Young Sailing Students Going Out for a Morning Paddle
The Global Sailing Academy
All the Equipment and Facilities are Immaculately Presented and Cared For Here at the Sailing School


An Extremely Nice Safe Mooring Overnight for us Here
We do Hope to Come Beck Here One Day!
            Personally Farwelled by Haluk Karamanoglu, the GSA Founder  What Service!!
Global Sailing Academy Marina
Another Good Day for Travelling
Entering the Big Bay of Degirmen Baku
English Harbour
The Entrance to Okluck Bay
Mary and John from England Whom we have Met Several Times in Different Ports
Free Power and Water Again for Restaurant Customers
We Prefer to Anchor in the Bay with Stern Lines Ashore!
Yucel Restaurant in Okluck Bay
The Menu
The Kitchen and the Food Display
The Not So Small Mezes Plate to Share
Good Lamb Casserole
Another Very Warm Night in Turkey


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