Monday 20th August 2012 Fethiye to Kazilada Island

Quite a few Gulets and Yachts in the Fethiye Marina
Next Time we Come to Fethiye we will Visit the Town
Fethiye Island with the Amazing Mountains in the Distance
So Many Beautiful Resorts in this Area
The Letoonia Resort
Fethiye Adisi (Island) at the Entrance to the Fethiye Port
Another Delightful Spot for Beach Dwellers
We Stop for a Swim in a Quiet Bay on a Little Island with a Small Fishing Boat
A Couple of Impressive Motor Yachts Drop Anchor Nearby
A Family Having a Wonderful Holiday with all Their Toys
A Few Day Tripper Gulets Start to Arrive
Ric Catching Up on Some Work
Many Large Daytripper Boats with Load Music and Wildly Dancing Passengers Arrived, Stayed for an Hour to Swim and Departed Again
Our Quiet Little Bay was Obviously a very Popular One with the Fleet of Daytripper Boat of Fethiye Gulf
Ric’s Job is to Stir the Thai Green Chicken Curry!!

Our overnight anchorage in the Fethiye Bay was very calm and we were able to catch up on some well earned sleep. Spending nights in marinas are always less restful than anchoring out in a quiet bay. In the Municipal Marina in Gocek where we have spent a bit of time this season was very busy as it is a starting point for gulets and hire yachts. There is a constant stream of shopping trolleys, passengers, marina workmen and tourists passing by all day while we were there. We also had workmen on our boat doing some maintenance so that by the time we return to Australia all the jobs will be completed. After all the hastles we had this year at the begining of our trip, we decided any work that is done on the Tangaroa will be done with us present!! The weather has been constantly very hot (over 38 most days) and this day was no exception. For this reason we decided not to venture into Fethiye town and opted to find a nice bay to swim and relax for the day and anchor overnight. We no doubt will have plenty of time in the future to return and explore the old Fethiye town. Ric is always the expert on chosing the most delightful beautiful bays. The one he chose to anchor in today had all the desired elements. During the day we realised that every daytripper boat in the area also had the same tastes in anchorage!! We intended moving to another bay as many boats began arriving however when we witnessed entangled chains and anchors we decided to stay and wait until they all had left. We actually enjoyed watching the circus of events with boats arriving and departing, music playing, people dancing, swimming and jumping off the boats. By sundown only a couple of small yachts remained in the bay and we enjoyed some peace again.


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