Monday 18th June 2012 Adhamas, Milos Island

A Quick Visit to Sarakiniko Before Kerrie’s Ferry Departs at Midday
The Scenery Here is Quite Dramatic
The Most Unusual Rock Formations
Ric Balancing on a Rock so That he Could be Taller!
The Landscape here is almost Moonlike
This is a Popular Place for Tourists like Us
Many People Come here to Swim Too
Heading to the Ampitheatre
A lot of Work is Being Done on the Ampitheatre at the Moment
The Catacombs and also the the Place Where the Venus of Milo was Found is Here in this Area
Klima Village is Situated below the Old Ancient Ampitheatre
Ancient Old Carvings all Numbered for the Restoration of the Ampitheatre
Back to Adhamas
Another Painter Daring to be Different
This is the Harbourmaster, Miltos’s Cute Boat
Kerrie is Ready to Jump on the Ferry
Fishing Boats Back in the Harbour
More Boats
The Menu Board Needs Redoing


Free Internet Here, so Early Dinner Tonight at Okuvnyo’s


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