Monday 17th September 2012 Pillar Cove, Sarsala Bay

Our Arrival in Pillar Cove, Sarsala Bay
Our New Neighbours in Pillar Cove
Dinner Aboard with Canadians, Doug & Irene and Tasmanians Mitch & Sarah Jane
Ric the Chef Tonight Cooked Lovely Tender Scotch Fillet Steak, Mushrooms, Chippies and Grilled Vegetables
The Chef Needs Congratulating!!


After arriving from Gocek late yesterday evening, we spent the night on the northern side of Sarsala Bay. This morning proved to be quite a change in the predictable weather conditions. Not only was the temperature much cooler, the sky was quite cloudy and it looked like there was a possibility of rain for a change. Most of the day we spent catching up on some reading and photo editing! In the late afternoon we moved to the other side of the bay where we had planned to meet our young Tasmanian friends, who were coming to join us for dinner. On arrival in the beautiful Pillar Cove, which we had never moored in the past, we picked up one of the very few mooring buoys available. Mitch and Sarah Jane had told us they had spent quite a bit of time here and loved the bay. Pillar Cove is extremely popular in the busy months (July/August) and it is almost impossible to get a mooring then, unless you arrive as one becomes available. Our planned dinner aboard with our young friends increased by two when we invited Doug and Irene from Canada to join us too. Despite the damp weather conditions we had a great night aboard the Tangaroa with Ric taking the role of being chef for the night! The food was fabulous and the wine was equally enjoyable. From memory, I think our guests departed well after 2am!!!

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