Friday 29th June 2012 Karavostasi, Folegandros Is to Ormos Manganari, Ios Is

Our Italian Neighbours at the Quay in Folegandros
The Port Beach
Delightful Little Port of Karavostisi
Very Rugged Terrain on Folegandros
The Chora has been Built on Top of a Sheer Cliff Overlooking the Sea
Ric Striding Ahead to Reach the Church at the Top of the Hill
The Beautiful Church at the Top of the Chora
The Tall Belltower by the Church
A Donkey Checking Out the View
Easier on the Way Down
Coloured Wooden Balconies in the Old Part of Town
Cute Doorways and Great Signs
Great Colours
Many Signs Enticing Lunch Customers
Bouganvillea very Striking against the Whitewash Walls
Popular Lunch Menu
Another Great Colour Contrast
Somebody Loves a Certain Colour
Watercarrier Arriving so Time to Depart
A Nice Bay for a Swim and a Relax on Ios Island
On Anchor Here Tonight

Our orginal plan was to spend the day at the Chora which is a ten minute bus trip to the top of the hill where the old village stands. That plan was immediately disrupted by the Port Authority who told us and the other moored yachts, that the water tanker was arriving in the afternoon and we had to leave the quay where we were moored. Our decision was made to catch the first available bus and make the most of the few hours we had to go and visit this special old village. On arrival our first destination was to take the steep zigzag path to the church at the top of the hill, which was well worth the effort. The scenery from the top of the hill was amazing, especially looking over the old town and the barren, rugged terrain that overlooked the sea. Inside the stunning church, a couple of local ladies were preparing the church for a wedding which was planned on the weekend. Ric asked many questions,as he always does and proudly annouced that the bride was to be taken to the church on a donkey. I felt for the other guests, as the walk to the church was not for the fainthearted!! As we really only has a couple of hours to spare before departing, we chose to wander around the old town, take a few photos and have some coffee. We then made a further decision  to make an earlier departure and stop somewhere for a swim on our way to the next port of call. Reluctantly we departed this delightful island and made our way to Ios Island where we intended mooring for the evening. We had all the intentions of going to the main port of Ios for the night but decided to go to the next bay for the afternoon and have our swim and relax. On our departure from there later we decided to continue south to the bay of Manganari which was presumably a safe and sheltered bay from the meltemi wind which was forecasted to pick up again. We spent the night in this bay, however the wind as predicted, increased and blew ferociously. Ric cautiously put a lot of chain out and we were very safe overnight, thank goodness!!

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