Friday 27th July Datca to Kargi

Datca Town
NZ Yacht Skylark 2
Interesting Architecture in Kargi
Dramatic Rock Formations in Kargi Bay
Long Term Sailors Chris & Desiree from NZ
A Lovely Old Sailing Boat in Kargi Bay
Moored in Kargi Bay
The Restaurant
Mezes Plate with Local Tastes
The Restaurant Jetty
Grilled Calamari
Shrimp Stew
Semolina Pudding with Icecream Inside

Rather than spending another night in Datca we decided to go to another bay nearby in search of a particular restaurant that we had heard of that used Indian spices in their cooking. As we really enjoy spicy food, especially Indian, we thought it would be a nice change. After arrival in Kargi Bay we realised the restaurant was actually 10 nautical miles further along the coast back in the direction of Knidos. We decided to remain in this bay and go and visit this restaurant when we go back along the coast either this year or the next. Kargi Bay was a nice anchorage with pleasant surroundings and not too many boats in the bay. Here we once again met New Zealand couple,Chris and Desiree who have been travelling on their yacht since 2007. They came aboard for some refreshments and told us about some of their experiences over that period which was very interesting.¬† Last year they encountering pirates in the Indian Ocean and fortunately survived the incredible ordeal. This area has now become very difficult or virtually impossible because of the danger, for sailors making passage¬† to the mediterranean. Later in the evening Ric and I went ashore after having one of our regular swims. We chose a restaurant which was very pleasant with lovely people greeting us at the jetty on arrival in our dinghy. The temperature was very hot once again today and the evening was also still very warm and humid. Regardless of the temperature we decised to sample some of the Restaurant’s hot dishes which were great. The semolina dessert was amazing with iceceam on the inside.

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