Friday 22nd June 2012 Adhamas, Milos Island

Our French Aquaintances from Last Night Going on a Day Cruise
Ric Doing some Work on his I Pad
Back to the Beach at Paleohori
Many Families Enjoying the Weather
An Australian Runs this Kyaking Business
Back to Town
Dinner Then on the Ferry for Ric
Salad and Pork Cutlets for us Tonight

As we still had the car that we hired until 6pm, we drove south to spend the day on one of the sheltered beaches. We had a look at a couple of beaches before returning to Palehori as we thought this was the nicest especially for swimming. Ric took some time to catch up on some work and I enjoyed the sun and the water. While we were there a dozen or so Kyakers paddled ashore nearby, who had been on a 12 km excursion along the coast and back. Recognising a familiar accent, Ric naturally made conversation and found that indeed one was from our part of the world. It turns out that the owner of the Kyaking company was from Australia however now lives on this lovely island. After returning to Adhamas late in the afternoon, a shower and a quick dinner at Yankos, Ric boarded the ferry to Athens. A five day working trip to Denmark and Norway had been planned months ago. As we had been in Milos for a while shelting from the strong winds, we decided to stay here a little longer so that while Ric is away, this would be a safe port for me to remain with the boat.




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