Friday 15th June 2012 Livardhi, Serifos Island to Adhamas, Milos Island

Our Departure from Livardhi, Serifos Island
Our Friends are Still Asleep after our Late Night
Approaching the Entrance to Ormos Milou, Milos Island
Rock Formations that Look like Bears
A Quaint Little Fishing Village Called Fourkovouni
We Go in for a Closer Look
Spotted by the Locals near the Unusual Rock Formation
Different Shades of Blue and White a Favourite Here
Many Steps to the Jetty and Beach Nearby
Another Small Fishing Village
It Does not Look Like Anybody is at Home Here
A Renovators Dream
Our First View of Klima with Plaka Behind on the Hill
A Variety of Colours in this Village
The Little Boats are as Quaint as the Houses
The First Part of Klima
The Middle of Klima
The Rest of Klima
Plaka, the Capital of Milos on the Hill


All Shutters and Doors Freshly Painted for the Tourist Season
Kerrie Enjoying the Scenery
Unusual Boat Sheds Built into the Hill
Another Small Cluster of Houses with an Interested Onlooker
The Small Lighthouse Dwarfed by the Rugged Headland of Ak Bombardha
Our First Glimpse of Adhamas, Where we Plan to Stay for Several Days
The Western Side of Adhamas, Milos Island
‘Diamonds Are Forever’ is in the Port
The Adhamas Town Port
Many Visiting Yachts Aready Arrived for the Weekend
The Clocktower and Church Stand Out over the Town
Adhamas Certainly is a Lovely Port
Another Large Elegant Yacht in Here Today
The Floating Pier Where we Intend Mooring



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