Friday 14th September 2012 Fethiye to Tomb Bay

Early Morning Looking Toward Fethiye Town
Last Night’s Venue for Ric’s Birthday Dinner
Yacht Classic Hotel and Marina
Hardly a Ripple on the Water This Morning
Some Very Friendly Sailors
Gulets in Fethiye
Goodbye Fethiye
Very Keen Kayakers
The Island at the Entrance to Fethiye Harbour
Heading Across the Gulf to Tomb Bay
Making Our Way West Between the Islands
Every Bay is Like a Picture Postcard
Nomad Restaurant in Tomb Bay
Anyone for Iceream
Susie Ready For a Paraglide
Nearly 300 Metres up in the Air
Safely Back Aboard
Ric’s Turn Now
Time for a Dip
Ric Returning to Earth
Ric Looks Like He Enjoyed the Experience
Ric Looking Trim
Tangaroa in Tomb Bay Again
Japanese Slippers Before Dinner
The Restaurant Pier
A Nice Selection of Mezes at the Nomad
A Special Wine to Share Tonight, Thanks Nick
Great Calamari
A Selection of Meats from the Grill Tonight at Nomad
Tasty Seafood from the Grill Too
Our Last Night with Our Friends, Don & Susie
We Look Like we are Enjoying Nick’s Wine and the Shrimps



This was our last day with Don and Susie before their departure for Istanbul. We woke up this morning to an amazing clear and calm morning in the Fethiye Bay. With good memories of a great night at the Yacht Classic Restaurant we departed this lovely old town and made our way back towards the west side of the Fethiye Gulf. Passing a few of our favourite spots we chose to have the last evening in Tomb Bay which in the past always had been wonderful. Once again anchored with a long line tied ashore we were beautifully positioned below a couple of the ancient tombs on the cliffs above us. A more idealic positon is hard to find anywhere! We spent the day swimming and taking advantage of the offer of paragliding. Susie was very eager to once again try this experience where the rest of us needed a lot of coaxing. Many times in the past we had watched brave participants clinging to a parachute high above the water being pulled along by a fast speed boat playing loud music. Susie had the first turn and loved the experience once again. Convincing me to go next, I opted to go tandem with her which was quite a feat, as I have always been scared of heights! Floating above the water at almost 300 metres was certaining a surreal experience!! My knuckes however where white and there was a lot of assurance from my friend during the 15 minutes of “flying like a bird”, as she described it. Nevertheless the view from above was spectacular and I wish I would have been capable of taking a photo!! Ric then took a turn as he had never been paragliding before. He thoroughly enjoyed it, including being dipped in the water which is usually done towards the end of the experience. In the evening after enjoying some of Ric’s special “Japanese Slippers” we went ashore to the Nomad Restaurant for our last dinner together. As usual the food was good and the wine (which we had brought with us) was exceptional. Our friend Nick from our trip the year before had given us this wonderful Italian magnum of red which we thought should be drunk before the hot weather affects it too much! Thank you Nick, it was fabulous!!!


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